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It covers 276 hosting companies in 22 countries and
has more options at hand.
It supplies one-stop service and takes less time
than you thought.
It provides one-on-one professional services to
maximize your interests.
It only chooses the trusted brand with strict
4 Steps Only
One-stop hosting,enjoy your benefits
From the beginning of entrustment, you will have an exclusive property manager, and he/she will deal with the whole process of house rental and sale.
Submit your entrustment online
The property manager called to verify
Confirm the hosting company
Complete transaction and get the rent
Proprietor's Words
Priya Entrust to rent
Location: San Francisco,
USA Rent: 2,500 USD/month
Lucy Entrust to sale
Location: London,
UK Price: 20,150 GBP/suite
Alex Entrust to sale
Location: Sydney, Australia
Rent: 1,980 AUD/month
Actually, it's hard to manage properties overseas because of language barriers and regional issues. I entrusted my property in the United States three months ago on Uoolu. The property manager contact with me soon and help me find a professional hosting company in the US. Now, I can conveniently check my rent and bills on the APP every month which saved me a lot of time and energy. At the very beginning, I was worried about how to sell my house out. when I found that Uoolu can help me with that, so I listed my property online. The property manager is nice and professional. He helped me find a good buyer in a short time, and also handled the subsequent transaction. My property was chartered when I bought it. After the charter period is about to be passed, I entrusted Uoolu to rent my house. I got professional services and higher rental income. In addition, It's very efficient and only takes me a few days.
Brand Cooperation
It's more convenient to view the entrust-
ment process on the app!
After the entrustment, you can check the review process on the APP at any time. And the rental bill reminder will be sent to you.Download now and find out more wonderful functions.
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