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Advantages of Uoolu

Optimizing organization
Reasonable loan
Multi-language translation
Complete flow services
Transparency process
Specific charge

Four dilemmas in foreign loan

  • Struggling to choose foreign loan agency.

    Limited agency, mixed services and capacity, unauthorized sources in internet.

  • Lengthy transaction procedures

    Spending much time to prepare materials; High time cost in supplying materials.

  • Obscure information

    Many hidden charges; Lack of detailed loan materials and insurances.

  • Communication barriers

    Cannot understand the agreement; Time difference and hard to communicate.

Uoolu one-step services for foreign loan

Loan process for customers

Countries of providing loan service

Our business partners

Material list for pre-verification

1. Name, age, gender, nationality

2. Personal credit report

3. Individual income certificate

4. Account statement (monthly statement)

5. Active deb (auto loan, monthly payment, housing loan, credit card debt, monthly minimum payment, student loan and other debt.)

6. Debt project: country and city, project name, property adress, size of the premises.

Fee description

Charge description: After application, Uoolu would assist customers to apply loan. Uoolu will charge 1% of loan amount for services.

Time period: 5 days after signing service agreement.

Refund description

Full refund: Uoolu promise: If the final judgment of loan cannot approve because of non-personal reasons, Uoolu will refund all of service charge.

Non-full refund: If the final judgment of loan cannot approve because of personal reasons (for example, false materials, etc.), Uoolu will refund 50% service charge.

The refund would be returned within 7 business days as usual.

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